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Beth McLoughlin Bio

A good journalist can get to grips with a new subject at lightning speed. That is what I learned from my first work experience on local papers, sent out to knock on doors, sit in dusty courtrooms and muster stories out of thin air.


My journalism journey took me as far as Rio de Janeiro, where I taught myself Portuguese and started working as a freelance foreign correspondent. Back in the UK since 2016, I have crafted copy, videos and social posts for the energy, tech and finance sectors, as well as consumer products including shampoo and nappies. Whether I am writing about prison riots, petroleum or pies, my work has always been about making people feel something, change their minds, or understand subjects for the first time through the power of words and images.


I am as happy scripting and creating a video or a podcast as I am writing and researching an in-depth article. Though perhaps the biggest challenge – and most fun – can be had in distilling the essence of a brand or organisation into just a few characters.  Data-driven insights and strategic insights inform my work, but you can’t beat good old-fashioned ideas for the best results.

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Me, yesterday


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